Why I M Not Wild Analysis

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A person with an unfavorable past will always have critics, despite the improved changes that person has made in their life. In this case the person I am talking about is, Cheryl strayed, author of Wild. The book is a memoir of Cheryl Stayed 's journey to find her sanity. After losing her mother at the age of 22, having an abusive father that had disappeared, and within all the sorrow, Strayed 's siblings and stepfather diffused and her marriage to a respectable man collapsed as a result of her innumerable infidelities as well as a growing addiction to heroin, Cheryl knew she needed to "save herself." Cheryl concluded that "hiking the PCT, (pacific crest trail) was her way back to person she used to be." That is exactly what Cheryl did she spent 3 months, 1,100 miles along the Pacific Crest Trail. Readers go through everything with Cheryl in this book, from little things like how bloodied and blistered her feet were to her most intimate memories of drug use. Cheryl 's brutal honesty about topics that are considered taboo for women is what makes this book so intriguing.…show more content…
One perception of the book I stumbled upon completely contradicted my translation was a woman. The woman wrote a book review entitled, Why I 'm Not Wild About Wild About Cheryl Stayed 's 'Wild. ' She stated that Stayed 's book, "casts Wild not as a conventional travel memoir but as a secular sin-and-redemption tale." She backs her conclusion with Stayed "Wild tells you many things you don’t need to know while omitting those you do." In her opinion the author disclosed to great of intimate detail and not enough factual detail. She questions why she waited so long to publish, accusing stayed of "shaping" her story to publish and lastly she states, "both ideas are suspect. Any therapist — or anyone who has left a marriage or lost a parent — will tell you that what makes grief less acute is not an extended vacation
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