Why I Visit To Kewanee Cemetery?

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My visit to the cemetery was very interesting. When I first read the assignment sheet, I didn’t want to visit the cemetery. I thought it was scary to visit a stranger; it turned out to be very fascinating. When I got to Kewanee Cemetery I got the goosebumps all over my body; six crows following me around, watching every step I took. After a while, I was more intrigued about the headstones that I even forgot about the crows. I was curious about their lives and how they might of live in a time of war, but even though, none of them inspired me to write about anything, into I got across Edward Tunnicliff headstone. Edward headstone make me feel inspired, excited to write. When I read that his wife died just 9 days apart from him; I also share the same birthday with him. I right then knew I wanted to write about his life. His headstone provided me with so much information about him and family origins. Edward Tunnicliff was born in November 18, 1813 on Birmingham Warwickshire, England. He married Sarah Cooper at age 23, in St Peter’s Parish Church, located in Derby England. After two years of marriage their first child was born, Prudence Tunnicliff Palmer. One year later their second children was born, William Tunnicliff (1839). Their happiness didn’t last long, their…show more content…
I don’t know their reasons, but I supposed that they immigrated to Ohio, to give their children a better life. Without delay, they procreated their twin children, William cooper Tunnicliff and Joseph Shepherd Tunnicliff (1843); I believe they named William after their second born. Suddenly, in 1884 they moved to Zanesville, Ohio. After living in Zanesville for three years, Mary Cooper Tunnicliff Hebberd Holt was born (1847); the 6th children of the Tunnicliff. Time went by, and Ann Cooper Tunnicliff Miner (1849) arrives, becoming the 7th born in the Tunnicliff
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