Why I Want A Wife Analysis

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“Why I Want a Wife” is a satirical essay written by Judy Brady. In this essay she brings the many stereotypes of the duties of wives. She exemplifies the selfless nature of wives by painting them in a slave-like light. While female, she points out all the reasons that she would enjoy having her own wife. Her unique approach leaves out many traditional methods of writing, but in many ways, is much more effective in bringing her point to the reader. Brady’s style of writing pinpoints the readers emotions by using evidence that does not conform to the typical standards of credibility, while intentionally ignoring the opposite point of views.

Connecting with the Reader

The audience of your work is sometimes the most difficult aspect of creating
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The reader may look back and remember some of the points that stuck with him or her, but because of the lack of neutral or counter arguments within the text, the reader will begin to form their own. They may look around and see men they look up to and respect, question whether every woman sees men in the same light, or even begin to question the intention of the author. Because the reader begins to form their own counter arguments, they form an emotional connection to those opinions, regardless of validity, and will find and make holes in the author’s original work.


Brady does a great job of connecting with the reader in her essay by appealing to their logical and caring side. With the many examples that she uses the reader is almost certain to have personal experience, in one way or another, with one of them. However, the lack of convincing evidence to prove that the issue is prevalent, no discussion of the examples given, and non-existence of the counter voice, handicaps the essay’s ability to stay with the reader and change their point of view. The reader may be introduced to the issue, but will inevitably take their own stance without evidence in one way or the
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