Why I Want To Apply To High School Essay

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A statement from Henry Ford, “When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it” (Meah). This quote from Henry Ford is the best way to explain my journey of applying to Stanly Early College high school (SECHS). When I was in Fifth Grade one of my friend’s siblings were applying to the school; after, learning about the school I knew I wanted to attend the school. In order to get into SECHS, the person must apply to the school in Eighth Grade and have a recommendation letter from a teacher and a person they know. Also, the person must write an essay on the reason why they should get into the school. Consequently, I started to work harder than I ever have before which led me to the reasons I should apply to SECHS and how it will benefit not only me but my parents too. However, stress came from these three reasons; finding the reasons I wanted to go to the school, having some of my family go against my choice for success, and how my first year at SECHS turned out to be difficult. I might have prepared myself for applying to the school, but I did not prepare myself…show more content…
The reason applying was easy because I had the grades to get into the school. For example, every night I would study for any test or quiz to make sure I will pass the test with an A or B. However, grades were not an issue, the issue was my parent’s education and yearly income. The school had a policy, if the person who applies to the school, parents have a college degree the child applying will not be accepted. Another, policy was that the parents income must be a certain amount for them to be accepted to the school. I had all the odds against me because both of my parents have a college degree and they both made enough money for the school not to accept me. Nevertheless, I still applied to the school to ensure I will receive a better education and ensure a successful
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