Geri Scholarship Essay

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I wish to attend the GERI Summer Residential for multiple reasons, including the experience I will earn in my area of interest, the challenge I will receive, the relationships I will make, and information I will learn. I have always been interested in taking all opportunities I can to separate myself from everyone else. I wish to achieve and be the best person I can be academically. Foremost, I work extremely hard in class maintaining a solid GPA of 4.0. My high school courses consist of advanced placement courses and courses that are geared towards my interests. While I believe in achieving the most and being challenged, I also want to learn things that genuinely interest me. Learning to me comes easier if I am intrigued by the information. Ever since eighth grade, I have been interested in the medical field. I have always wanted to help people. I never really knew what field or job I should go into to help people the way I wanted to. I wanted to change their lives like a celebrity changes people’s lives by being a role model for them. Obviously, I knew that I had a slim chance of becoming famous. In eighth grade, I was given a project to map out a future job. I decided to research some jobs, and I found a doctor. I instantly knew that I wanted…show more content…
It will help me figure out where I want to go into the medical field. There are so many options in the medical field, and this program will be able to help narrow down that options I have. This program will also take me out of my comfort zone and help me become a leader. I have really bad anxiety and am often nervous to be put into a place where I know no one. The program I did in John Hopkins was a terrifying experience for me, but it really helped me be able to function in environments where I know no one. This program will help me become more confident in myself and my abilities. I will be able to become a leader at my school and
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