Becoming A Nurse Assistant Essay

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I am very dedicated to help. I want to help everyone. I will be honored to become a Nurse Aid and be everything I can be in the medical field. I will offer my services when needed and do as much as possible. Everything I have learned is pushing me to exceed my goals. I want to help people recover. I want to help be a step in their recovery. When I graduate high school I hope to graduate with my CNA’s and I can start as soon as possible. As a CNA I hope to make a difference. In many places it’s easy to get a job as a CNA. Being a CNA is hard not many people stick with it after they finish the course.
Being a CNA is a great opportunity. A CNA is a certified nursing assistant that helps patients with needs but they have the help of a Registered Nurse. A Nursing Assistant needs to be responsible with a strong work ethic, some legal issues
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To become a CNA you will have to complete a course. While taking the course you will learn many new tasks. You will learn how to complete every task step by step. You will learn a certain way to do everything. You have to have a certain amount of hours spent in the classroom learning the lessons. When you are not in the classroom you will most likely be in the lab learning how to do these procedures hands on. You will have a specific type of equipment. You will have to show them you know how to do it so you can be checked off. They have to check you off so they are sure you know how to do it.
To complete the course to be a CNA you have to complete one more task after taking the test and passing the class. You will have to complete state boards. When you take state boards you will have to complete three tasks in front of another instructure. You will have twenty minutes to complete all three tasks. You will have to follow every step you learned while taking the class. If you mess up you get two more tries. If you do not correct the mistake and mess up all three times you will have to reschedule for a later date and try
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