Essay Tips For Starting A Career As A CNA

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Tips For Starting A Career As A CNA If you 're tired of working for minimum wage, but don 't have the time or money to go to college, then you may want to consider becoming a CNA or certified nursing assistant. Training for this career only takes a matter of weeks. Nursing assistants are in always in demand since they provide hands-on care to patients in hospitals and nursing homes. Here 's how to get started on a new career as a CNA. Learn About Your State 's Regulations In order to get your CNA license, you 'll have to pass a state examination. That means you 'll need to complete the necessary number of hours of education and clinical experience that 's required by your state. Every state sets its own rules. By understanding the requirements that make you eligible for state licensing, you 'll be in a good position to pursue the best training. Determine Your Suitability You 'll probably need a GED or high school diploma to enroll in a CNA school, and you 'll probably need to pass a background check before you can begin a medical career. You may also need to pass certain medical tests such as a TB test and random drug testing. You should also be somewhat…show more content…
You can attend a CNA school, community college certificate program, or get training through a local medical facility. The important thing to look for is a school that meets state requirements so you will be eligible to take the state licensing examination. For instance, a situation you want to think twice about is a local nursing home that offers its own nursing assistant training so you can work in their facility. This program might limit your job duties and restrict you to working in just the one facility since your training won 't be recognized elsewhere. If you go through private training at a nursing home or other healthcare facility, be sure it qualifies you for the state exam, so you 'll be free to work anywhere in the state once you have
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