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1. One of the most inspiring things in any athlete’s life is there coach. I know from personal experience. Every coach I’ve ever had has a had an impact on my life in a big way I want to become a coach because I love the game of football and I want to make a positive impact in the lives of my students and players. I’ve wanted to become a Coach since I was very little. It has always been a my dream to be a coach. 3. Being a coach isn’t easy it comes with a lot of responsibility even if your only coaching at a local high school. But coaching at the college level comes with a lot more!! A coach’s biggest job is to teach kids to play team sports. As a Head coach you never ever want to lose the trust and faith of your players. If the players don’t believe you will lead them to victory then they won’t want to play for you. Another huge responsibility as a head coach is teaching your players to do…show more content…
To be a coach you need a certain set of skills. For example a coach needs to have good people skills. A coach has to talk to his team and other people from around the area who want to meet him and talk to him. Another Thing a Coach needs to be arrogant to an extent he needs to be very confident in his ability’s to lead his team to a winning season and he needs to be confident in players that they can execute what he has taught them to do so they can get a win every week. (acient) I have wanted to become a coach for a very long time specifically a football coach. My entire life has revolved around football watching it, talking about it, and even playing it. There a lot of colleges that offer this career choice for example 6. Arkansas State University or the University of Arkansas. I think that it’s a great career choice if you want to make a difference in some one’s life and if you want to have fame and be popular in your community. ( Arkansas State University and The University of

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