Why I Want To Be A Dental Hygienist Essay

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Dental Hygienist Career Who Works in a Dental office? Dentists and their assistants, well of course they do! Unfortunately, many patients are unaware that dental hygienists also work closely with the dentists and their assistants. Dental Hygiene is also a career in the dentistry field. A dental hygienist not only cleans patients tooth and mouth but also educates them about oral health along with completing duties that dental assistants perform. They assist dentists in the diagnostic and therapeutic aspects of a dental practice. Choosing a career out of so many isn’t so easy, it’s necessary to examine the education, salary, pros and cons, and others important elements to choose to become a dental hygienist. Dental hygiene is pretty new to…show more content…
to approximately $42/hr. Dental hygienist must study science classes like anatomy, nutrition, radiography, physiology, periodontology (study of gum disease), a long side with attending to labs, clinical and classroom instructions that are offered by most schools or dental programs. An Associate’s degree is not the highest education degree you may receive to become a D.H. as stated in the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in the article Dental Hygienists, “A bachelor’s or master’s degree is usually required for research, teaching, or clinical practice in public or schools health programs”. This career not only offers to work as dental hygienist in a dental office but also an educator in school and even researcher in techniques for oral health. It is also important to know that once a person has become licensed they are known as registered dental hygienists. For prerecord, Pellerin advised, “…you should really consider taking many science classes and passing anatomy, chemistry, and biology”. In the U.S., the nationwide average salary per hour is $32.50/hour, reported by Payscal.com. Salary within this profession may vary depending on the business the dental hygienist is working for. For example, when working for a private business you will get paid more than in a public business. The education and experience may also affect the salary

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