Why I Want To Be A Dental Hygienist Essay

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The career field that I have chosen to go into is the medical field. In the medical field I would like to become a dental hygienist. The background that I have on dental hygienist is that you exam gums, clean teeth, and teach about oral care. The research that I have already done on this profession is a dental hygienist annual salary and required hour of work. Some more research I utilized is how many years of college are needed, what you do while at work, and if you work by yourself or who you work with. With the profession of dental hygienist it requires you to have a license, have training hours and proper education. Dental hygienist has to go a minimum of two years in college and earn an associate's degree or you can go longer and earn a bachelor's degree, master's degree, or even a doctorate degree. As a dental hygienist you must spend at…show more content…
This profession fits best with my lifestyle because I plan on having new friends, living around the Joplin area and I love helping people feel their best and boosting their confidence. Personality is a big thing with a career like dentistry you are always interacting, and meeting new people and you have to learn how to treat people and act in front of them. I could personally contribute kindness and facts that I have learned to make it a better occupation and make people want to come back. In conclusion, I want the occupation that I plan on going into to be dentristie and in this field I plan on becoming a dental hygienist. I plan on learning more information on what a dental hygienist does, what responsibilities I will have, where I will be going to school, if I could shadow a dental hygienist, and who I would be working with. I plan to see what the future occupation has in store for me to
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