Why I Want To Be A Dental Hygienist

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At a very young age I have decided what I would be doing with my life. The most perfect plan was tread in my head. The main goal was set my education as priority, focus in studying the most and the fast that I could. That also means not getting married or having children until I finish my education. By 16 birthday I had already finished high school, at 18 obtained an associated in fashion design. I love art and want to diversify part of my interest. It was not only about independence or money but fulfillment. I decide to complete my education becoming a doctor in dentistry, on this field I can help people and use my art skills, because believed or not art is applied in dentistry and almost every field. A month after my 23rd birthday I finished dental school. I felt completed I could help others and use my art skills. Then fate came along. I met who was going to be my husband, got married and moved to New Jersey. Suddenly all credential earned in the past were questioned. Dental assisting jobs allowed me to evaluate all kind of jobs in the dental field and realized what I wanted to do. I want to become a dental hygienist. I started searching about the different options and found out about that career that I had never heard before, Dental Hygiene, in my country there is not such a career as a dental hygienist.…show more content…
This is so important since, the beginning of good oral health is to teach the people how to perform the best cleaning routine they can achieve. It is not that dental assistant cannot help orienting patients, but as a hygienist the person could be able to go further with a lot more procedures, feel more confident and fulfilled based on the specialized education that a dental hygienist student receives in their educational program. It would be a dream come true if I can do something that I
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