Why I Want To Be A Drum Major Essay

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A drum major is not someone who is unkind, unfair, or thoughtless. A drum major must possess qualities of leadership, reliability, and self respect. I feel as though I am prepared to take on these responsibilities, and become the Brooks High School Drum Major. I am a great leader, I am most definitely reliable, and I highly value myself as a human being. Being a great leader and role model are two of the highest qualities that a drum major should possess. There is no doubt in my mind that I am not a leader. To help others and to show them right choices is one of my greatest qualities. One of the questions I asked myself when deciding to try out was, ‘Can other students learn and look up to you?’ The answer was yes, other students can look to me for guidance and friendship. Another of my…show more content…
As the face of the band, and the program’s reputation henceforth, a drum major should have high value for themselves as well as others. Being put together is one of the main implications of being drum major. If a leader of an organization came to a press conference in unprofessional attire, the entire world would laugh at them. I feel that in the same regard a drum major must always be prepared in dress and appearance for any performance. In addition to looking prepared and acting prepared a drum major must have self respect in regards to the words that they say. Too often in modern society are words thrown like filth at other people around them. At all times a drum major should be cautious of what they say because their words can be a direct reflection on the integrity of the band. Therefore I feel that I would be the perfect candidate for drum major because I am: a leader, a reliable student, and I have high regard for myself and others. To be the 2017-2018 Brooks High School Pride of the South Drum Major would be the greatest honor that I could receive. Thank you for your
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