Why I Want To Be A Foreign Service Officer Essay

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From my first semester in college I could not decide what career I want to be in. After a long time thinking and researching I narrowed down my interest to political science, and my interests have directed me towards international relations and laws. I am fascinated by how the states of the world cooperate together to build a safe place for everyone. American government places a huge role in the world and many countries need American Foreign Service to help them with their problems. After hearing Melissa Martinez, I understood maybe it is good to think about working in Foreign Service. How she talked about their work is pleasing and incredible. Melissa Martinez changed my way of thinking about Foreign Service and interested me in her work. Part that interests me to work as a Foreign Service Officer is international cooperation and saving people’s lives. Also, resolving integration conflicts and crisis in different countries. I can be a part of something big and I can help people. She talked how Foreign Officers save people from jail and problems that U.S. people can have a foreign country. There is training for Foreign Officers to become…show more content…
Thinking about my future path I maybe try to think more about Foreign Service work. After healing her, I realized that Foreign Service Officer is a great opportunity and it has many advantages. American system abroad is well build and it takes loyalty and interest in other counties to work in such kind of job. Also, knowing few languages can help in the Foreign Service work, but it is not the most important because they will give education and teach any language that the person wants. Foreign Service takes care for their workers and also for their family. The best schools are provided and also work for the partner. Everything that is needed for work will be provided by Foreign Service. I would like to try myself in such type of work in
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