Why I Want To Be A Lifeguard

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“Break”! Everyone has heard that familiar word during pool visits with an on duty Lifeguard. I always admired Lifeguards. They are appreciated by everyone, commanding attention merely by blowing a whistle. My character was impacted tremendously by outside influences and countless experiences have shaped my transition into becoming a productive citizen in my community. I credit most to volunteering where it has inspired me to become a Lifeguard by indoctrinating me with the skills of courage, responsibility, and leadership. I acquired empathy when my mother took me to get my first haircut. I donated my hair to Locks of Love, an institution that creates wigs for people in ill-health. It made me feel good knowing I could do something to help others. From that moment on, I donated my time in various capacities. I helped raise money for charitable organizations, such as Operation Smile, where I gained courage performing at the Ferguson Center for the…show more content…
Each morning, I would commute with my mother on her way into work. Afterwards, she dropped me off at the pool to enjoy camaraderie of longtime friends. These combined experiences motivated me to become a Lifeguard. Growing up, I both admired and befriended while assisting in disassembling pool equipment. I enjoy helping others; I found that through my volunteer service, however, a Lifeguard needs other characteristics to succeed. In early spring of my sophomore year, I began training for the physical demands of the Water Safety Training Class and its prerequisites. Through daily practice, I built my endurance to swim three hundred yards continuously. I concentrated on one dreaded timed event that taxed my physical stamina. It entailed swimming twenty yards, retrieving a ten-pound brick from deep water, and then returning within one minute and forty seconds. After two months, the test day
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