Why I Want To Be A Medical Assistant Essay

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Medical field is filled with different varieties of professions. The medical field is health professions by doctors, nurses and other allied health care services that have a passion for helping others. Since high school I always wanted to do something in the medical field. Now that I have taken a few steps into deciding my career, I want to become a medical assistant. A medical assistant are multi-skilled health care professional who are highly trained to perform administrative or clinical duties in an ambulatory or immediate rare settings. After watching my cousin De’Andra, who is also a medical assistant educational for LPN it makes me more passionate. She works for Life Line Screen Forward for home helping and medical services. She choice this career field due to the fact you can add a higher range and it will always be needed. The benefits for De’Andra job is it makes a difference with…show more content…
If you're interested in becoming a medical assistant, talk to a medical assistant and ask a lot of questions. Watch someone for the day their job. Make sure you go to an accredited school and be careful that you have transferable credits. It's important to become a certified medical assistant. Some medical assistant schools train their students to take the exam while in school. When you get out of school, it's best to get your feet wet in a family practice or internal medicine practice. You'll lose your skills if you don't get hands-on experience. It's important to be well rounded. As a medical assistant you learn every day. You learn from your patients as well as your co-workers. You have to be prepared to deal with losses. But in an outpatient practice your experience with patients isn't as concentrated as it is in a hospital. You see your patients once a week, once a month or twice a
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