Why I Want To Be A Nurse Practitioner

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Nurse practitioner I have always wanted to be a nurse practitioner. My mom has always pushed me to be a nurse, finally I realized what nurses do. I like to help people. I used to always doctor my papaw. I want to be able to help people in need. Also a lot of my family members work in the medical field. My cousin Kim King is a Nurse Practitioner at Takoma Regional Hospital. She started out as a registered nurse and kept the job for 2 years. And then went back to college and became a Nurse Practitioner. She says she does mostly everything a doctor would do. There is a lot of jobs to do as a Nurse Practitioner. There is one to manage patients…show more content…
The tuition to go to Tennessee is $19,679 a year. They have all kinds of good programs for nursing. They take their classes very seriously. You will receive a Masters Degree. Tennessee is a very good nursing school, but you have to do very good in High School. You have to make a 24 or better on your ACT. You have to make a 2.85 or better GPA. University of Tennessee expects you to do great in everything you do. Another great college for nursing is King University. It will be $325/ semester hour. They have great nursing programs too. They have a lot of programs you can take to become a Nurse Practitioner. They have classes where you get to go work and see what the nurses do. You will receive a Masters Degree. You also have to do great in High School to go to this college. You have to make a 19 or better on your ACT. You need to make a 2.6 or better GPA. King University is a great school to

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