Why I Want To Be A Nurse

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I have been married to my husband for approximately eleven years. I enjoy spending time with him and traveling. One of our favorite hobbies is to discover new restaurants. I have earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Laboratory Sciences at Hunter College in New York City and I have been working as laboratory technician for approximately eight years. It is a decent field and at times is very interesting with the situations that arise. However, I would really like to become a nurse. I have always enjoyed the idea of helping people and as a nurse I can get to do that on a personal level. Another reason why I want to be a nurse is because there are a variety of assignments within the field and it pays well. Despite these facts, my husband is against the idea. He says that it would be a waste of all the education and experience that I have gained in my…show more content…
I would like to work as an emergency room nurse or neo natal intensive care nurse to start. These positions are fast paced and require quick thinking. They are also good positions in which to learn a great deal about emergency medicine. However, I know that at some point I would like to change positions to a more fixed paced environment such as pediatrics or perinatal. These position changes would not require any additional training and all pay more than my current salary. On the other hand, additional training would open other opportunities in the same field. Highly regarded positions such as nurse manager, director of nursing or nurse practitioner can be attained by a combination of experience and training. These positions offer increased salaries far beyond any that I could attain in my current field with the same amount of training and experience. The fact that so many opportunities exist in this field is the main reason why I would prefer to be a
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