Why I Want To Be A Orchestra Essay

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When I first walked into Freedom Middle School, there were a lot of clubs to choose from. I just couldn’t make up my mind. Then I caught sight of the orchestra room. It was full of interesting instruments, and enthusiastic hominids, like me, ready to learn. At first I assumed it was not the correct choice for me, but then I got a feel for it and realized how inspiring and life eventful it is. I chose orchestra as my educational activity because it gives you the ability to show off and gain important skills, benefits your body, and teaches you valuable lessons about teamwork.

One reason I chose to join orchestra because, it teaches you useful skills,and every so often, tests you on those skills, which can help you in the long run. For example, in an orchestra learn to do things many people can’t. You learn all different types of important skills like how to read sheet music, how to multitask, gain impressive hand-eye coordination, and how to cooperate with people. Most people presumably wouldn’t care for reading sheet music, but multitasking is a genuine skill people search for in the real world. However, you also get the chance to
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In orchestra you get to make friends and everyone feels like a family. We all have each other’s back and know how to do our part, like if someone’s struggling, we help them out. Everyone pitches in and understands that we need each other. If a section doesn’t do their part, then the whole orchestra fails. Before Assessment, we have several sectionals, just to make sure everyone is okay with the sheet music and knows what role they play in the overall picture. ‘ We ride together, we die together.’ - Bad Boys 2. Which is true because we orchestra kids know, we play together, and if we fail, we fail together. Everyone is very accepting and its a great community to be a part of. As you can observe, we understand the value of
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