Why I Want To Be A Peneutic Essay

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This year I will make a difference by saving water. I will do this by taking shorter showers and by drinking the full cup of water instead of throwing half of the water away. I will also help others if they need help. For example, if someone drops their stuff in the hallway I will help them pick it up. I would like to help other students because I think that everyone should succeed. I would like to donate money to organizations that save animals and stop animal cruelty. I would also like to volunteer at a veterinary hospital that my mom’s friend owns. I wish I could be part of the humane society at this age but I can’t. Some day I want to become a vet myself and help animals. I would like to help poor people because they don’t have a place to call home and they usually go without food for the day so I would like for them to have a nice warm meal at…show more content…
I get very good grades because my parents have been very strict ever since I started school. I enjoy language arts and science, and I am mostly never late. This is because I am a number two learner on the 4MAT quiz. This means that I am I good learner that has to get direct instructions to do a project or classwork. It also means that I don’t like to be late to class and that will only be satisfied with my grades if they are a six or higher. I also like to get everything correct on my homework or on a project. If I don’t I freak out because my parents expect me to get good grades. I also like to have fun when I am in class. If I don’t have fun then I am not focused and I don’t pay as much attention. For example, if the teacher just makes us do work all day and doesn’t let us have a little fun with it then I will be bored out of my mind which makes me kind of crazy. I also don’t like if the class is too easy. If in math the only math problems we get are easy I get bored and I feel like I shouldn’t even be doing them. as you can see I like to be challenged through doing

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