Why I Want To Be A Physical Therapist

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I am taking college classes in hopes of obtaining a desired career in the future. In order for me to pursue my dreams of becoming a physical therapist, I need to complete the required college classes in order to get into medical school. Once I have completed medical school, I need to complete other requirements to become a certified physical therapist. Obtaining this career would not be possible unless I started out with taking college classes. Along with the hopes of being a physical therapist, I am also taking college classes for financial reasons. Even though a college education does require money, I am more likely to earn a higher salary job with an education than without one. I want to be able to support myself and a possible family in the…show more content…
Lastly, I am also taking college classes to further educate myself in subjects that I enjoy. With the countless number of possible majors available, there is a great deal of classes that cover a wide variety of subjects. Attaining a college education has always been important to me and my family. My reasons for taking college classes represent my own personal will. It represents my own personal dream of becoming a physical therapist. I personally get up everyday and attend class to acquire the information being presented. I personally take notes and study for these class in hopes of receiving the grades necessary for medical school. It is out of my own personal will that I get up every morning to succeed in life. While I would like to think that the entire reason I am taking college classes is out of my own personal will, I know that society does have an influence. In the future I want to be successful not only for myself, but also for my parents and friends to be proud of me. I want to end up being successful with an amazing career, and not end up struggling without the ability
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