Why I Want To Be A Registered Nurse Essay

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We all have different careers that we look into and we all have something we want to be when we are older. Having to pick just one thing that you want to be when you are older is probably the hardest things you have to choose. I was really into the medical field for the longest time so Nursing Assistants is something I look into doing. Also I look into to being a Registered Nurse that was one of my main topic. Being surgeons is also something i would want to do, looking at different things and seeing how much it relates to what I’ve being looking into. The first one i would like to talk about is being a nursing assistants, Nursing assistants help patients with activities of daily living like eating and bathing. Nursing assistants, sometimes called nursing aides, help provide basic care for patients in hospitals and residents of long-term care facilities, such as nursing homes. Orderlies transport patients and clean treatment areas. The second one i would like to recognize is being a Registered Nurse, I've always said that’s what i wanted to be when i was older it really got my attention. A registered nurses (RN) is a nurse who has graduated from a nursing program and met the requirements outlined by a country, state, province or similar licensing body in order to obtain a nursing license. They have a…show more content…
These type of nurses have a lot responsibilities. That's what really got my attention when i looked more into doing this job. Professional nursing responsibilities have changed considerably over time. Nurses today are highly respected and valued members of the health care team who bring their own body of knowledge to the process of health care. Nurses work in collaboration with physicians and members of other healthcare disciplines. That ends it now this is one of the ones i really looked

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