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I am pursing a degree in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education. I am passionate about education and excited to share the joy of learning with students. The perspective of wonder and sense of excitement that children bring into education motivates me daily. Teaching can leave a lasting impression in a child’s life and offers a special opportunity to shape the bright young minds of future generations. While many professions can be impactful, I believe the qualities of the person in the career position to be the most influential. The integrity I possess and genuine character I have reveals my authentic positive outlook on life. I aspire to be the voice that encourages students to obtain a life changing education that will aid them in their journey. I desire to be a teacher that takes time out of my day to have meaningful minutes in a student’s life and to represent the picture of a positive role- model. I hope to leave a lasting impact by creating a caring atmosphere that allows students to express themselves, discover knowledge, and obtain their fullest potential confidently! …show more content…

I always give my absolute best and apply myself wholeheartedly. I have learned that trials produce perseverance and endurance. It is essential to be determined and I will keep striving to be the best I can be. I have proven I can excel academically while having an academic load and I handle obstacles with a positive outlook. I feel I am a well-rounded individual and I hold an optimistic perspective on life because life is too short to do otherwise. I admire your generosity and humbled to even be considered for this scholarship. I am thankful for people who give unselfishly to someone else’s aspirations and it is very heartwarming when someone does. I will continue to carry on the same kindness and thank you for assisting fellow students in achieving their goals in

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