Why I Want To Be A Teacher

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Why am I here you ask? I am here for many reasons. All of the reasons of why I am here, working my way up to be a teacher, make me who I am and I am proud of it. To help get a better understanding of who I am and why I am here. The first day of summer after my Kindergarten year I went home and set up a classroom of my own and pretended I was a teacher. Since that day I have always known I’ve wanted to be a teacher and that is part of the reason of why I am here. As I grew up and my family members started having children of their own, I really began to find some of who I was and the answer to the why of why I wanted to be a teacher. Being around kids, even though at the time I was a kid myself, I learned that I had a special connection and patience with them. When I became old enough to babysit I couldn’t get enough of it. I loved being with children and helping them learn and grow. When I graduated High School I got a job at a Daycare, which I still work at today. That was when I really knew that being a teacher was the ultimate goal and I was determined to make it happen.…show more content…
Before I entered college I guess I never really put into thought how much teachers do for their students. It really surprised me how much of their own money they put in to give their students the materials they need to learn/grown. I also was surprised to find out how many different assessment techniques there were and how they helped notice different strengths and

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