Why I Want To Be A Vet Tech Essay

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I want to become a Veterinary Tech because I love animals and I love taking care of them. I’m a people person and I enjoy working with the public. Recently, I moved into a neighborhood with a lot of elderly neighbors; I started helping them take care of their dogs. I would get up in the morning and walk their dogs before I left for school. Than when I came home in the evenings, I would walk their dogs again. On a day to day basis I walk three dogs or you can say they walk me. As a child growing up I had several small animals (dogs, cats, fish, and a hamster). I grew up in a family of nurses and after hearing stories about how evil some sick patients can be verbally, I knew then that I wanted to become a nurse for animals instead of humans…show more content…
I know there will be bitter sweet moments when the animals go up for adoption. I have to remind myself that when we prepare one animal to go home with a family, we making room for another animal we can pick up and provide shelter and food to. As a Veterinary Tech, I know all my days won’t consist of sunshine. I know there will be times of sorrow when I have to assist the Veterinary with tough decision like euthanasia to families, or face issues morally and trying to understand why we would have to euthanasia healthy animals (because the owners cannot take care of them), or animals in pain that can make a full recovery (due to the owners being unable to pay for surgery). I’m looking forward to extend my love for animals to help others with their animal medical needs. My career choice of becoming a Veterinary Technician is to promote good animal health. I want to work in a career which makes me fulfilled professionally and also where there is an opportunity for advancement. This profession will give me the opportunity to provide services to the community. I understand the deep feelings that pet owners have for their pets, therefore I want to do my best to provide good medical care for their pets and help

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