Why I Want To Be A Vet Essay

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We all remember when we were younger how many of us wanted to be vets. We would pull out our stuffed animals and pretend to give them a check up and then give them back to their owner, which was usually our parents. Almost all of us went through the stage of wanting to be a vet, but for me it wasn’t a stage I knew it would be future career and was determined to reach that goal and dream. Being a vet takes a lot of hard work. There are long hours and you have to make hard decisions that you most likely wouldn’t want to make. Some of these hard decisions are when you have to euthanize an animal. It can be very hard to make that decision, but sometimes it is better so the animal won’t suffer. Not all things are bad, because you get to work with animals and make them better, and you can make a lot of people happy. Some duties that pertain to being a vet are to examine the animal and…show more content…
States say that usually one in three vets work more than 50 hours a week. When you are a vet you may have to work night and weekends, so that means you do not have a lot of time for yourself. Every once in awhile you may have to respond to an emergency outside of your scheduled work hours. Like I said before being a vet is a time consuming job, but there are benefits to working these long hard hours. The benefits to being a vet is you get to take 2-4 weeks of paid vacation. You also get to have paid sick leave which isn’t typical for most jobs. Your salary as a vet can range from 65,000-150,000 dollars a year. Now there are many different types of vets so you get paid depending on the type of vet you are.
Being a vet takes a lot of hard work and dedication. To be a vet you must be able to give up time with your family, friends, and peers around you. This job is very time consuming and will not allow you a lot of time to yourself. I know all the downfalls and positives to this job and I am sure I can pursue my dream and love my future

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