Why I Want To Be A Veterinarian Essay

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What do you think it takes to be a veterinarian? You need a Doctor in Veterinary Medicine. At the school I plan to go to is Kansas State University, because from what I have read about them, they have an excellent veterinary program. It all focuses on what I want to do when I get out of high school. Some classes I will take are Public Speaking, Physics I and II Genetics, Chemistry I and II and Expository Writing I and II. Those are just a few of the many. The Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program at the Kansas State College of Veterinary Medicine is a four-year program with three years of pre-clinical classroom instruction followed by one year of clinical training in the Veterinary Health Center. That is of course something I look forward to!
The training and certification you need to be a veterinarian is as soon as you have your license, you can begin your practice. Some recently graduated veterinarians choose to enter an internship, which typically lasts about a year. The most common reasons for doing do are to gain practical experience if you are planning to apply for a
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Certain specialties have certain requirements; which veterinarians must meet. Before sitting for the certification exam. The key skills you need to have are: You have to be caring, responsible, reliable, good team working skills, administrative skills and communication skills, those are just some of the many qualities you need. The history of veterinarian medicine all begins in Lyon, France in 1761 where Veterinarian medicine was discovered by Claude Bourgelat. After observing the devastation being caused by cattle plague to the French herds. He devoted his time to seek out a remedy. In 1879 Iowa State University established the first public college of veterinarian medicine in the United States. In 1903, Iowa State began offering the nations first four-year professional program in the veterinary
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