Why I Want To Be An Administrative Assistant Essay

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Administrative Assistant positions are unique for each company. I think this job, much like T-Mobile itself, will be ever changing and revolve around a variety of different tasks. Helping to create and manage both Derek’s and Ryan’s schedule will be an important part of the job. Making sure that meetings are not being missed and arranging them based on priority is supremely important. For different meetings, I could be everything from typical secretary to facilitator; I would jot down information, as well as follow-up questions that would have to be looked into further, always making sure nothing is missed. I also believe that part of the administrative job consists of planning, leading, and assisting in different events focused on our employees as well as the community. When new phones launch and we give the opportunity for overtime, helping with the coordination of activities going on to support the employees may be a task assigned to me. For monthly recognition ceremonies, I would help aid in setting up and creating awards. I would also be participating in events outside of the workplace through community projects and events. Most of all, always being ready for anything Un-Carrier! When I worked at Kennebec Valley Community College, I was an Administrative Assistant. I finished there so that I could further…show more content…
I have a vast knowledge when it comes to maintaining a business and promoting it. There is a large variety of tasks that an Administrative Assistant is expected to do and I have already had hands on experience with them. I have a clear understanding of Microsoft programs. I have used scanners, printers, and photocopy machines. I have set up appointments with students for the directors of the college before and prepared functions. I am a quick learner and adapt easily to change. I also have a culinary arts degree that can come in handy for some great potluck

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