Why I Want To Be An African American Experience Essay

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The American experience is an experience like no other. This country provides the freedom to do what you want to a certain extend. You can believe in the religion of your choice. There is a right to carry a licensed weapon for protection. In America you have the power to create your own path and strive to be whatever you desire within reason. For example if your goal is to become a doctor, get married, and have a family there is no stopping you. It is just up to the individual to make it happen. Becoming a doctor takes hard work and dedication in the classroom and laboratory.
Being an African American male, I have make sure I carry myself at a supreme standard. There are so many traps in place for African American males to fall victim. I constantly have to dodge negative influences that will bring me down. Influences such as illegal substances, alcohol, gambling, and so on will lead me to the state prison yard. Although I am at a slight disadvantage due to white supremacy there is no excuse on why I can’t have success in America. Working hard and believing in myself will take me far in this country. Achieving goals despite unfairness requires great dedication and determination. The ambition to overcome obstacles that were create systemically is a testament to one’s will and character.
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Having a solid foundation growing up creates a path to success.
Growing up my parents taught me how to conduct myself. my first impression is a lasting impression when meeting people. Respecting others goes a long way in America. Treating people the way you want to be treated is a golden rule, I try to exercise this rule daily. Understanding and applying simple manners and etiquette generates a healthy American experience for
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