Why I Want To Be An Eagle Scout Essay

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A major way that I have challenged myself is doing boy scouts. I am at the current rank of a Life Scout and only need to complete my eagle project to become an eagle scout. I have been in boy scouts since I was eight years of age and it has been a benefit to my life. Scouting has shaped me into a more responsible young man, teaching me many valuable skills and attributes. One of these skills is mental discipline, not giving up, to be able to finish things that I start. I have also learned through scouts that it is important to be trustworthy. This attribute is the most important in the scout oath and will get you places in life. Being trustworthy means to not lie, cheat, or steal. Trustworthiness will not go unnoticed people will begin to put more trust in you giving you more responsibility and privileges. Scouting has also brought me and my family closer together, as my parents would help me pass off merit badges. My parents have pushed me achieve extra merit badges which are not required to have for eagle rank, but give me more skills to prepare me for life. I also help my younger brother prepare for his eagle, guiding him through the same time consuming ranks as I have gone through. Receiving the rank of an eagle scout is a very long process that I am about to complete. To finish I need to compose a project that will benefit my community, I will be building a shade for the animals at Boy’s Republic. I will need…show more content…
After the project is completed I make a slideshow of how I planned, prepared, and executed my project, which is presented at my board of review. If the I pass the board of review I will be the rank of Eagle Scout. Scouting is a great challenge for young men to learn survival skills, Attributes(Trustworthy), and responsibility. I Know that when I soon get my Eagle I will be proud , and will reap the benefits of
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