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Over the past four years I have dealt with circumstances that have affected me positively and allowed me to grow. I have gained much perspective, determination, and responsibility. These qualities have aided my highschool career and help me continue to succeed in college. I plan on going into engineering; the Honors College is the place where I want learn exactly what branch of engineering that I want to pursue. My ultimate goal is to become a well rounded person and student; I want to take full. advantage of the extensive benefits of being a student at the Honor’s College to achieve just that. My freshman year began on a shaky foundation. My parents had recently gotten divorced, and I decided to move away with my mom a week before school began. These situations alone are difficult, but soon my mother’s mental health became increasingly hindered from alcoholism and depression. I was often thrown into a position…show more content…
The Honors College encourages more critical thinking than a normal college classroom, which is very important to me. I do not want to be memorizing facts and figures in college, I want to challenge my thinking. I want to learn as much much as I can. Not knowing the branch engineering I want to go into, I believe the Honors College is a place to explore that more in depth so I know exactly what I want to pursue. It is also important to me that the Honors College requires service work. I began volunteering in a nursing home when I was thirteen and it was extremely rewarding. Moving back and forth I did not get to find a steady place to volunteer for and I am hoping to discover that place in college. The honors college gives me an opportunity for me to be the best person I can be in academics and in character. I respect the amount it pushes it’s students to excel and I am ready to take on that

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