Why I Want To Be An Illustrator Essay

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An illustrator is a creator of art that helps a person visualise what you are reading. Illustrators create the drawings in the books you read. Imagine not having illustrations in books. Without illustrations do you think that you could picture what was happening? I know that I could not visualise what was happening if there was not illustrations.While being a illustrator you will get a education, will have to be able to work with clients like it says in their job description, and you will get an income around $42,704 a year. As a illustrator you will be working with for a client and if they don’t like it you have to go back to the drawing board until it is perfect.When being an illustrator you have to continue to work with the client, seeking approval at all stages of…show more content…
"Although a formal degree is not required of illustrators generally, earning one could help you gain familiarity with professional standards."(NationCareerService) Imagine that you want to be a illustrator so you look up what education you need to be a illustrator. It says that you only need a high school diploma but you could get a better job being a illustrator if you went to college. People who want to acquire basic skills in illustration, an associate 's or bachelor 's degree program that can introduce new techniques in drawing and design and other illustration courses, exposing them to materials and different methods. When getting a bachelor 's degree in illustration it will increase your skills in drawing, painting, and many other things. Also you can take other classes when you get your bachelors degree such as art history, typography, composition, and media. These courses will help a person become a illustrator by giving them more education that will help you get hired. To get the education the person needs for this job they will can go to The Art Institute of
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