Why I Want To Be An Msn Essay

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The MSN in education is something I have passionate about for a long time now. The MSN from Benedictine University will help me reach my goal as being a more well-rounded, devoted professional nurse. I am very motivated and driven to be very successful in life. I always plan ahead and always looking for a way to better myself professionally. All of my life I have always tried to be the best prepared professional so I can have a career for the rest of my life that I can be proud of. The MSN in education will help me grow professionally so I can have that career that will help carry me into the later years of my life. The MSN in education will help me grow professionally and also help me help others with my experiences in nursing and also help students develop the drive…show more content…
I have learned great time management skills, I learned different ways of studying material to be able to understand it, I have learned to never give up and the work you put into something results in the outcome. I have gained many experiences by attending different colleges and learning from different instructors in different formats. I have gained experiences personally from life events that have given me the drive and motivation I have today. I have completed my BSN program all online so I have great experience with online programs. I have great time management skills. While working at the hospital I will have at least four days a week to complete assignments. I completed my BSN program while also working 70 hours a week at my previous job. Finding time with work and life to complete school will not be a problem. I have never attempted a graduate degree before this will be my first graduate degree. I want to teach to give back to future nursing students and also for myself to grow professionally. The online format is best for me because I have had great experiences with online
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