Why I Want To Be An Rn Essay

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Being an LPN was one of the milestones for me to become an RN. As a student right now I will follow the same path as I did as an LPN because it was effective for me, as a result I was able to complete the course and obtain my LPN license . As a parent, a student, I had to take into consideration the well being of my family while I was trying to become a nurse. Since nursing was my career goal, I had found ways to balance family and school. As a student I know the importance of studying and completing school works in a timely manner. That is what helped in the past and I plan to continue doing it throughout the RN school. Obtaining my RN is an investment both intellectually as well as financially. Once I complete the course, I hope to have a broader knowledge in the field of nursing which I can use in the…show more content…
As an LPN I am limited to what I can do without the direct supervisions of an RN. Although LPN contributes a lot to the as assessment process, but they are not credited for it because it is not part of their credential. Being an RN will able me to receive the full credit for my hard work. As an RN, I will be able to take better of care of my patient without someone else direct supervision. The RN license will able me to work independently and assess my patient in a timely manner. Implementing plan of care, evaluate outcomes and help patient reach their goals, according to their plan of care. There are many things I can’t do right now as an LPN, such as IV push, teaching, assessments, etc. but once I become an RN my goal will be accomplished. As of now my goal is to pass all my classes and understand the information provided to me and applied them in the lab, clinical and everywhere else it seems to be needed. Once I finish the RN program and pass my board, my goal is to work with geriatric patient and move on to management also to continue with my
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