Why I Want To Be An Ultrasound Technician Essay

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OBGYN Ultrasound Technician
How rewarding would it be to have the opportunity to get to experience a mother and father seeing their unborn child for the very first time? To get to be the person whom informs parents of the gender of their baby, which they have anxiously been waiting for. I don’t believe there could be a greater feeling in the world than being there and sharing that excitement that people anticipate about their entire lives. Getting to be a part of these moments is one of the main reasons why an OBGYN Ultrasound technician is my dream career.

Personally, I love to make others happy and I love seeing others happy. I believe in this career I will get to have the pleasure of experiencing both. Being a mother myself, I know firsthand the unexplainable feeling of your first ultrasound or they day you find out whether its boy or girl. I will get to interact with the patients and be the one to deliver the news first hand. As in anything, it’s not always rainbows and sunshine. There will be times where I have to deliver bad, or even devastating new. I am also a comforter, so even though these times will be difficult I will be there to comfort my patients through it. My personality test state I have an ESFP personality. I focus on the outer world of people and things. I like a flexible and spontaneous approach to life. I am outgoing, accepting, friendly, like taking action, and making things happen. All of these traits I believe fit perfectly for this career. I also find it to be beyond
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Getting to experience something you love to do daily to provide for your family is my idea of a dream career. Not to mention, when a family or friend of my own decides to add an addition to their family, I will not only get to share the excitement with them, I will be delivering the news to them personally. How rewarding would that

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