Why I Want To Be The Outsiders Essay

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If Frankenstein’s creature was animated in the 21st century, his education would be complicated by the many mediums human beings have come to express themselves, and the ease with which we are now able to share them. For his education I have selected a book, film, and song that might perhaps come later in his education, but would still be vital nonetheless, being that they get down to some of the finer intricacies of humanity and what it truly means to be human. The book I would select would be The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. Though the title is a bit on the nose, it isn’t the reason that I selected this work of fiction. The Outsiders deals with the many intricate relationships that humans beings face, including family loyalty both in the home and in the streets, and friendship, and gets at how love, companionship, and selflessness is entangled uniquely in each one of these respective relationships. It also deals with injustice, certainly socioeconomic justice, but I think more pertinent to his education would the meaningless loss of a life that had so much meaning to those around him. The protagonist, Ponyboy, also struggles with his sense of identity, which I believe the creature would appreciate. The film I have pick might seem a bit strange, since it is regularly included with the horror genre, but I think the…show more content…
I think the song incorporates so many complex musical elements, and creates a sense of drama and theatre, unique solely to it. Not only do I think the creature would relate to the theatrical components of the song, I think he would also relate to the protagonist’s tortured sensibilities. Another thing that would make this song great for the creature’s education is the fact that its meaning was never clearly defined by Freddie Mercury or any of the other members of Queen, yet the song means so much to so many, and I think that could show the creature the value of interpretation and
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