Why I Want To Become A Chemical Engineer Essay

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Setting goals are the first step of turning dreams into a reality. For as long as I can remember, going beyond than what is satisfactory, and striving to become a chemical engineer became my goal. Ever since I was nine, my parents pursued me to become a chemical engineer as my career. At first, I didn’t grasp the idea well and neglected what my parents had pursued. I thought that my parent’s expectations of me would be forgotten over time, and I would settle for a satisfactory job. But as I grew up, I had realized how much difficulty my parents went through in order for me to have a good education, and for them to have a better job. This became the fuel for dedication and tenacity on the road to achieving my goal. Since then, I have always tried to exceed the expectations, in and outside of school. At the age of ten, I began to accept my expectations and started taking small steps closer to my goal. I want to explain to you how much this goal is significant to me. There are several steps I need to take for me to become a chemical engineer, as well as have the required knowledge and skills for…show more content…
I am a teen who has plans for the future. I am also a teen who wants to be a benefit to the nation, and to make my parents proud. In order for me to accomplish becoming a chemical engineer, I have to devote my time into my steps, and acquire the required skills. With the help of my parents, and education, they will be the stepping stones and help me pave my path throughout my journey. Turning big dreams into a reality isn’t as easy as we all think. It requires great patience, skill, knowledge, and a positive mindset for our dreams to come true in the real

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