Why I Want To Become A Veterinarian

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Ever since I was younger. I 've always been fascinated with babies and animals. The way animals communicate with each other to the innocence in a baby 's eyes has always sparked one of my interests. Being the oldest, I always had the opportunity to play with my little brother/sister, or even my little cousins. It was always exciting, making them giggle and seeing them so full of life. I also had multiple pets, such as, a parrot, bunny, goldfish, puppies, and a turtle. I loved playing with them, so early in life, I was convinced that I had wanted to be a veterinarian. Being younger, I wasn 't fully aware that being a veterinarian meant caring for all types of animals. I thought my job would be the basic pets, like dogs and cats. Once I realized that people today would take any animal in as a pet, my mind quickly changed. I wasn 't too sure if I would be comfortable working with snakes, hogs, etc. That led me to my other option of working with babies. I knew that I didn 't want to work with toddlers but newborn babies. No matter what I decided to do, if it was medical, I would need science. Science was a subject that came very natural to me. I was always interested in what was happening to out…show more content…
Deciding that I wanted to be a level one neonatal nurse, I knew who to talk to. I have a cousin that was going to school for the same thing that I wanted to do about two years ago. She was considered to be my motivation. Anytime there was a family function, she was always there with her books, studying. She was honest with me about the medical field, that it would be hard and that you always had to be focused. Distractions were not okay. She strived hard to get to where she is now and I will always look up to her for that. My cousin, Shavon, had the same passion for babies as I do. She actually used to baby sit me every weekend. She told me that she loved caring for babies who couldn 't do it for themselves. It filled her with happiness and I could
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