Why I Want To Choose Computer Science Essay

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Statement of Purpose

I am Muhammad Habib, I recently graduated with Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from one of the most prestigious institute of Computing “Riphah International University”. I firmly believe that a person’s ability to achieve something extraordinary is defined by himself. Technology has always caught my attention, since childhood I was curious about computers and automated systems. I have always wondered how difficult it would be to innovate new gadgets and design artificially intelligent systems. These are some of many factors that led me to choose Computer Science field over other professions.
Academic History
Having born in an educated family, I always knew the importance of education. I was also aware of the fact that education is not only essential for getting good salary but it groom a person’s character and we learn to adapt the
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As Pakistan is an under developing country, and is going through a phase of transformation from manually controlled systems to computerized technology. Industrial automation requires advanced knowledge of computing and obtaining Masters degree from a reputed institute will strengthen my technical abilities. Having professional experience in the same field and cutting-edge understanding will contribute significantly to establish a good IT firm in Pakistan.

Moreover, it can provide a conducive environment for me to understand the depths and intricacies of the society’s fabric and framework by living with people from distinct backgrounds. This will strengthen my technical and communication abilities, professionally. It will also lead to exchange of cultures and traditions between Pakistan and Sweden, when I come back to homeland.

For the duration of my studies, my father will bear university fees and other living expenses. He has 4 million rupees in her savings account, and has over 200 thousand cumulative income per
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