Why I Want To College Essay

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There is a well-known saying that states: “if you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life.” That is what I am seeking: a career doing what I love, and which makes a positive impact on the world. And I am still searching. So far, in the positions in which I have worked, I have been content, I have been good at what I did, but I have not found a job or position that I truly love and want to do for an entire career. I did not feel like I really belonged. First and foremost, my goal by applying to college is to gain the necessary skills- and, of course, the degree(s,) to start a career that I love.
At the end of high school, I thought that I wanted to be a Physician’s Assistant or Nurse Practitioner. But with little funds for college, and high school grades that were only slightly above average, I was in a poor position to fulfill that ambition. Instead, I enlisted in the Navy as a Hospital Corpsman, with the goal of gaining an inside look at the medical world, while simultaneously taking college classes during my spare time to demonstrate a renewed resolve to prosper and achieve in academic settings, as well as qualifying for the GI Bill to finance going back to school.
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I learned that what I did enjoy was technology. Troubleshooting problems in computers and machinery, fixing those problems, and creating and/or improving new technology is what piques my interest. In particular, I found that I was fascinated by the hardware and electronics of machines, more so than the software and coding. So I devised a new plan: to major in Electrical Engineering and/or Computer Science, as the two fields are closely related and frequently
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