Why I Want To Go Back To College Essay

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THE BREAKTHROUGH: MY JOURNEY TO GRADUATION “We must become the change we wish to see in the world," said Mohandas Gandhi. This quote inspires me and the role I play in my life. As far back as I remember, I 've always wanted to encourage others, but first I had to motivate myself. I have made numerous decisions in my life, but the most critical one was the decision to further my education. After a sixteen year hiatus, I became the first of six grandchildren to enroll in school. I have now chosen to go to college at this juncture in my life in order to have an impact on my career, start a tradition in my family, and to earn my bachelor’s degree in information technology. My first reason for going back to college was to have an impact on my career. I’m currently working a job where there is no room for advancement. Despite all of the hard work and dedication, I’ve been passed over for a promotion a few times. After a brief discussion with my boss, I came to realize that I lacked some of the necessary skills. This conversation gave me a clear understanding of the value of education. Due to the shrinking employment options for those who only possess a…show more content…
I am so pleased that I have this opportunity to fulfill my lifelong dream. Although college is very challenging, the benefits will be incredibly rewarding. My parents have been my motivation throughout this journey. Growing up my parents had the most profound influence on my academic achievements. They worked hard to instill in me the importance of work ethic, pride, and integrity. Therefore, I want nothing more than to make them proud. I plan to set career goals now that will prepare me for a successful and productive future. As a college graduate, I 'll be able to pursue my career in information technology. Furthermore, I’ll have the chance to follow my passion to

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