Why I Want To Go To America Essay

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Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to go to America. Both my mother and father were born there. Dad was born in Ohio and mom grew up in California. Soon after his 16th birthday dad moved to California for the summer with his grandparents, who just happened to live across the street from mom. From the first moment of meeting they fell in love. Once graduation came for the young couple though, they had a decision. Mom wanted to move to France to become an artist, on the other hand dad got a football scholarship at the University of Ohio. In the end dad left his scholarship and moved to France with mom. Of course their parents weren’t thrilled, still they didn’t care; they were in love. Four years later they had a beautiful little girl and named her Marisol. That’s where my journey began. Since my parents grew up in America they speak both fluent French and English, and that’s what they taught me as well. When I go to school all my friends make me speak English to them being that it sounds cool. I’m a senior now and have still never traveled to America. My grandparents don’t really talk to my parents since they left, so if I ever get to go staying with them wouldn’t be an option. I guess I could save up enough money for a plane ticket, housing, and food. That just sounds like a great deal of money though,…show more content…
Dad had called his parents (the less upset about the love birds leaving) and asked ahead of time if I could come live with them for the rest of the summer. At first Gram and Pop Pop were a little hesitant about saying yes, (probably still enraged with dad), nevertheless since school starts in two weeks for me they agreed begrudgingly. If there is one thing about my family it’s that no matter how upset you may be at a family member, you still strive to assist them as much as you
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