Why I Decide To Study In Canada Essay

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As I am going to enter the university in Canada this coming September, I will

explain reasons why I decide to study not in Japan but in Canada and what I would

specifically like to learn there with my personal experience.

First and foremost, I want to place myself in a strict environment purposely. To

be honest, I had never thought about studying abroad before my parents pushing me to

go to Canada. I was pretty much satisfied with my situation. I had a family, I had some

close friends, I have opportunities to eat delicious Japanese cuisines: It seemed to me

that There was no reason to leave Japan. However, the high school which I entered

had a studying abroad program. As such, I had to go without my inclination. I might be

able to
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Moreover, if I stay in Japan and attend the Japanese university, I think I can

only learn limited education. I have heard from many of my acquaintances that college

students study only specific subjects. I don’t mean that it is fully bad though, I want to

learn variety of courses to broaden my horizon. Additionally, according to some

research, the top priority for Japanese college students to go to University is to make

friends and enjoy school life. It is understandable and I respect individual. However, as

for me, it is crucial to have a passion to learn unless going to university with parent’s

support. On the other hand, I feel that I may be overwhelmed by the surrounding

circumstances if I am in this situation. Hence, I firmly believe that it is very important to

make study environment and that is why I want to study in Canada.

Looking back, I always relied on my parents and I didn’t contemplate myself

almost nothing before I went to Canada. Through study abroad, I become a person

who could take responsibility for my decision and could reach to be independent. I

believe that I will be able to be greater in university like I could when I was in high
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