Why I Want To Go To Chicago Essay

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If I had a dollar for every time I was asked why I wanted to attend the University of Chicago instead of the Ivy League colleges that I live close too, I’d have enough to pay my tuition in full. Graduating from a high school in New York it would have been very typical of me to attend any of the Ivy League schools that surround me or even look to elite ones such as MIT and Carnegie-Mellon, which I did for a while but none of them could gain the sense of belonging that I felt with the University of Chicago.
To say that I want to be there simply because of its location would be just the tip of the Iceberg. Chicago is a very sentimental place for me being that five years of my childhood were spent walking up and down the Lake Michigan shore, and visiting Navy Pier was an annual tradition for my family. I miss Chicago more than I probably should, I miss the busy streets and crowded shopping centers, I miss the chili dogs and deep dish pizza which are near impossible to find in New York. But UChicago is more than just its location to me, when I first stumbled across it in the ninth grade I remember sensing that magical feeling that books and movies use to describe falling in love. Not only is it that UChicago appealed to me it with its plethora of challenging classes and world-renowned professors, but the quirkiness that just surrounded the place. I absolutely adore the fact that more energy is put into your mathletes or star wars club than the football
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I see myself already walking around campus, dressed in a maroon sweater, and lugging my books to my next class. I already feel that sort of high I get when I know that my class is challenging but hey look at me I’m actually understanding my material. Even though I haven 't been accepted yet I already know what it is like to be a UChicago student because UChicago is not just a college, it’s a way of
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