College Admissions Essay: If I Want To Go To College

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College was really not in my life in the beginning. I just wanted to graduate high school, then join the Army, and continue my life from there. As I began growing up, since I had this idea since I was seven years old. I noticed that in order to gain rank in the military you had to have a bachelor's degree in some type of study. Also I saw the difficulty that my parents were having for not going to college or having a low level of education. Growing up my parents started to tell me “ that if I want to be successful you have to go to school”, and still I would not listen to them because to me it was absurd to keep going to school after high school. Life as a child is very different then the life of a teenager, young adult, adult or someone that is about to retire. As a child I just want to play around, and just have fun, and continue on the path that I wanted. Yet as I got older especially middle of my junior year in high school, reality hit me in the face, it felt like being hit with a baseball bat, I saw that I wanted to become somebody big in the Army respected by all soldiers,and people, and for me to do that I have to become well educated, have a good personality, and most importantly love God and this country. In order to achieve this goal I have to go to college,…show more content…
The reason why it gives you an advantage is because you can learn thing that you want to learn not something put in front of you, also it gives you a new sense of the world. Because during your first eighteen years of going to school you have restrictions and you don't have the same freedoms in college then what you have in school, and I would like to see how that feels like being outside of home being on your own I would like to experience that, and that is also another reason why I want to go to
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