Why I Want To Go To College Persuasive Essay

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Don’t you want your favorite team and professional coaches to have better experienced players? Coaches always want the best players they can get! Students who play college basketball should be required to graduate college before going on to the NBA because of jobs, commitment, and experience.

First, if the NBA doesn't work out for athletes they are stuck without a job. Many basketball players dream is to go to the NBA. A lot of players go to the NBA before they ever finish or graduate college, many of the players don't get drafted or make the team. If basketball doesn't work out for them what are they going to do? The players have families to support and usually a house to pay and so forth. So they won't have a major to find a job for because they had very few years of college. Players need to graduate college so they can have a backup plan and can have a job that supports there life.

Second, college players need to commit to college after what they have been granted. Many athletes not just basketball players get a
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NBA coaches want the most skilled players there are. Yes, I know the players are already good enough to have one year in college then go to the NBA. Players can even get better by playing more years in college so they could maybe start and get more playing time in the NBA. Playing basketball in college could help in the future. Also when you graduate college and go to the NBA with teammates or other players have played against them or with them in college, and then in the NBA you would already know them.

That's why college basketball players should have to graduate college before going to the NBA. Jobs they need to go to college so they can have a backup plan and a job later in life. Second they need to be respectful to the college of what they have been granted and take it as a opportunity in life. Experience they need to have a lot of experience in basketball before going to the
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