Why I Want To Go To College?

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I can honestly say that the reason I want to go to college is because this is going to be the last time before I enter the work force that I can be intellectually and academically challenged, where I can learn much about all the things I wanted to learn about, with friends who were as dedicated to learning and the pursuit of knowledge as I am. I often feel a lack of knowledge about something--colleges might call it "intellectual curiosity," but it 's that sense that you learn something, but you don 't feel that you 've learned it fully. I don 't know if people reading this know what I mean. For instance, after I took my AP Calculus class I loved calculus, and I didn 't feel that one year of it was enough. That drove me to go out and learn more about calculus on my own, but it would be much better to share that experience with others.…show more content…
Ultimately, my goals in college are (1) to gain the skills that I need to lead a successful and productive life, (2) to become well-educated in many things, (3) to expand my knowledge of the world, (4) to expand my comfort zone, and (5) to become more proactive. College should be a time of internal exploration. I think in the sixties, college was a soul-searching experience. That aspect of college seems to have vanished from many students now, in an age where attending college is more and more a necessity for financial reasons and not for personal reason. You should be going to college to improve yourself--to be smarter, better, and more active in helping the world. I try to separate college from work as much as I can--I believe that they really should be separate. If you want to make lots of money, you don 't have to go to college, or at least you don 't have to go to a prestigious
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