Why I Want To Join C Platoon Essay

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Why do you wish to join C Platoon?
I would like to join C Platoon as it offers one of the best opportunity to take part of teamwork. I'd like to work with a group of people and share common interest in things. The teamwork that C Platoon is offering is overly astonishing and I wish to take part of the team as I would be a great asset to the team and working for the division in general.

The second reason why I would like to join C Platoon is because I feel like I can do more than just basic patrol officer and even make their life safer. I feel that the work that C Platoon is putting in to protect the lives of basic patrol officer is something that I always deep down wished to do. I want to join the Platoon as it'll provide a great opportunity
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I do not.

How do you feel about insubordination and discipline?
My feelings towards insubordination is rather negative as I find it unprofessional not to follow a direct order or task. I think that insubordination shows how immature you can be if you are unable to follow something that has been told by a higher officer. I do not see someone fit in C platoon that shows clear sign of insubordination and is not willing to work by the orders given by a higher officer.

I personally feel that discipline is an important thing to possess as it'll show your maturity. Being able to take direct orders and follow them is important thing to have in C Platoon. I feel that more discipline you possess, the more you can accomplish in the department. Showing clear signs of you being able to take orders and remain calm is important and someones life could depend on your disciplinary training.

I personally feel that I have no insubordination problems as I've not yet failed to take orders from a superior officer. I'm a well disciplined person and I got to thank my dad that taught me the roots of disciplines at an early age. I'm that type of person that is disciplined and is not afraid to do something that could save
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