Why I Want To Join Phi Delta Epsilon-Maa Alpha Chapter

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Explain your interest in joining Phi Delta Epsilon-MA Alpha Chapter. * I want to join Phi Delta Epsilon because it would provide me the chance to build lifelong connections and gain networking opportunities. Most importantly, I see myself forming a bond with other members, studying and sharing memories of what it’s like to be a premedical student at UMass Boston. The ability to connect, strive for success and learning from others with the same goal to attend medical school is what I’m truly seeking as a hopeful applicant of PhiDE. Joining the fraternity is the beginning phase of my strenuous road to become a successful physician. Why did you decide to become a physician and how do you plan to use your time as an undergraduate student to reach your goal? *…show more content…
I strongly believe that becoming a physician mean a moral duty to help people who are less fortunate. As an undergraduate, my goal is to gain as much experience as possible in a clinical environment to prepare myself for the real world. Describe what makes you a good candidate for Phi Delta Epsilon- MA Alpha Chapter. * I hope my genuine interest in personal development and desire to uphold humanitarianism can be seen throughout this application
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