Why I Want To Kill Caesar

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I did not kill Caesar for personal gain nor for revenge Antony. I loved Caesar and I love Rome but those loves are not equal. My love for Caesar was not as bright as my love for Rome. For Caesar was just a man a great and honourable man, but just a man, while Rome is a country with many honourable men and many women and children whose lives are just as important. Caesar was a friend to all, a great leader, a great warrior, and a man who cared for the people but he was still a man and like a man he had ambitions. those ambitions are what made him great but they are also what made him dangerous not only for Rome's enemies but for Rome herself and the men, women, and children whom reside in her. Caesar was not dangerous because of the man he was…show more content…
More powerful than a one man should become and that made him very dangerous all of Rome would depend on what decisions Caesar made. He could have changed for the better but the possibility of him turning into a tyrant outweighed that possibility and forced our hands into action. I know all too well the other conspirators had other motives to kill Caesar. I knew this from the beginning they were most likely getting revenge for Pompey's murder. Though they did bring up a good point and it was enough to convince me to betray Caesar a man whom I loved dearly. I debated the idea for a while but I knew they were right Caesar was to ambitious and if he ever reached his goal he could become very dangerous for Rome. I Brutus was not about to sit by and watch as Rome fell into ruin because of another tyrant. My ancestor made sure to put an end to the line of tyrants that had ruled Rome and to let another rise to power would make their achievements for a better Rome worth nothing. So I had to make a decision wait and see if Caesar would turn into a tyrant which by then it would already be too late, or I do something now that I would regret but will ultimately save Rome from another
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