Why I Want To Play Softball

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Softball has always been very important to me family. My mom played in college and both of my parents played when I was growing up. My sister and I both started around the age of twelve and played all throughout high school. I decided to go a step further like my mom and play in college. I was so excited to meet all kinds of new people and play the game we all love, but I never thought it would be as challenging as it has been for me this year. Softball is a big part of my life and who I am, but should I have to be as dedicated as my coaches make me be? I am a freshmen at American River this year I am attending school and playing softball. When I decided to play softball I new it was going to be a lot of time and hard work. But what I did not realize was all of the things I was going to give up. As a team we have six days straight of softball a week and someday it will be practice which are at least three hours. Also the days we do not have practice we have two games a day. As players we are always very tired from the long days and many of us think that if we had less time at softball, we would work harder while we were there. Although, I do understand the coaches logic for having us play that much because the more practice we get the better we will be when it comes game time. When the beginning of the season started my parents were going…show more content…
I was making good money and I loved everyone I worked with. I started softball in the fall which was off season but we still practiced four days a week. Since I was at school four days a week it was very hard for me to be at work. I started working less and less which was okay at first, then spring came around and we have softball practice in the middle of the day six days a week. I had to quit the best job I had ever had. This was very hard for me but I was the one that agree to play softball and with that I had so lose some pretty amazing
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